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Re: Tinnitus
Mar 24, 2002

Thanks, MLGABLE.

Don't think that I underwent MRI (is it expensive). What I remembered from my very expensive (($500+)CAT scan (brain scan) is this:

a needle with connecting wiring (full of some liquid) was poked into the area around my elbow; I swear I could have punched the fella who put it in, it was so painful.

Then, they made me wear this cap & strapped me down on a stretcher-like thingy & I went inside this "hollow tube"; I was told not to move or wriggle. This went on for a while.

Next, I had to wait a bit before the doctor got back the x-rays & explained them to me.

As for the supplements, I dunno; never heard of such stuff from my ENT specialist. He didn't prescribe me any gingko bibloba (correct spelling?), only some vitamin pills (i think) which I stopped after only awhile 'cos it didn't help me.

Lotions, potions, ... I've tried them all but no use. The roaring, hissing & crackling sounds continue.

Am resigned to the fact but can't accept it that I'm stuck with tinnitus, which I got after working in a very noisy environment for some years. Paranoia has set in, with me imagining that I would eventually lose my hearing in the affected ear.
Re: Tinnitus
Jul 24, 2002

An addition to my condition that I forgot to put in the other time.

Sometimes, I get a short stab of pain in the affected ear. So, not only do I hear the roaring, hissing, crackling sounds of tinnitus, I also have to content with "ear pain".

Anyone knows why this is so? As if me ain't got enough troubles with tinnitus already.

Thank you (as always) for your patience & time.

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