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This is my first time posting to hang in there with me. First, I need to give a little of my history. I've basically had ear problems my entire life. (I'm 31 now.) During my childhood my ENT specialist always told me that I was definitely a special case. (That really makes a child feel good!) I think the main problems were the normal drainage problems that lots of kids faced but mine weren't expected to go away. I had tubes put in and out several times. I had eardrum reconstruction three times.

When I went to college I figured I was on my own and I wanted nothing to do with ENT specialists. Throughout those years I don't remember ever having any problems.

Soon after college I did start having problems (stopped up, pain, etc). Once the doctor noticed I still had a tube in my eardrum so I went to an ENT guy to have it removed. Later, I had another problem and was referred to the same ENT doctor. He noticed that the hole in the eardrum (I guess from the tube) never healed. He didn't want to do anything because he felt that the hole was actually benefiting me. (I was there because of problems with the other ear.)

Anyway, the last few months I've had reoccuring problems with my left ear (the one with the hole). The problems would occasionally go away but have been coming back. I've noticed that my hearing has deteriorated rapidly over the last few months. All of a sudden I've noticed that I'm not hearing a lot of what people are saying. I finally went to a doctor and he wants me to see an ENT doctor. He also did a hearing test and I think I heard only one beep in my left ear throughout the whole test. He then did a test where he placed a vibrating thing against my kneck (behind my ear) and I heard the vibration. I guess that means that my nerves are still working.

My current symptoms (other than hearing loss) is a ringing in the ear whenever I hear noises (just recently started), occasional dizzy feelings, and a constant stopped up feeling with some minor pain.

Anyway, I'm thinking that the ENT specialist will want to repair my eardrum. What should I expect? Has the surgery changed over the last 20 years? Does is sound like my hearing loss I've experienced recently can be corrected or should I just write off ever hearing out of my left hear?

Basically, any advice or just support is appreciated.

Thanks, and I hope this wasn't too long.

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