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I have a whooshing/roaring/ blood flow sound in my right ear that is in sync with my heartbeat. After some research, I found this to be Pulsatile Tinnitus.

I went to an ENT earlier who simply diagnosed me with allergies. I have another appointment on Friday of this week with a different ENT.

I have been reading everything I can read on Pulsatile Tinnitus on the Internet and it has terrified me. I have to make myself stop doing that. But the information I have read says that my Pulsating ear could be quite dangerous. The two main things that I am worried about is the AVM or Tumor as the cause of this throbbing ear of mine. I will not feel better until I get a normal MRI or it stops pulsating. One or the other. I just DREAD getting an MRI. I am afraid of what it will say.

Anyway, I have a few specific questions, if anyone with some research or medical experience can answer:

(1) Is it reasonable to assume that if I can stop the pulsating by simply bending over that that might suggest an AVM or Tumor more? Or would it suggest it may NOT be an AVM or tumor? Specifically, does it seem more likely one way or another?

(2) My noise is a whooshing noise in step with my heartbeat like one hears when an Ultrasound is done on a pregnant woman. This is reasonable to assume it is blood flow that I hear. For goodness sakes, why can I also hear that same exact noise when I move my head quickly?

(3) Worse case scenario, if it is a tumor or AVM, are these able to be corrected by surgery? I can sleep better knowing that in the end all will be OK no matter what the problem if it can be corrected.

(4) Last but not least, how long does it take for the results of an MRI to come back?

Obviously, a doctor is my best bet for answers. Like I said I am going again Friday. But if there are any Doctors that read this board that could give me their opinion or someone who has knowledge about Pulsatile Tinnitus, I would welcome any opinions.

Thank you for your efforts to support my uneasiness during this rough time of mine. I appreciate any help.

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