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I had a ventilation tube put in my left ear drum a year ago. This was done to prevent these maddening pressure changes in my ear caused by an opening and closing eustachian tube (patulous eustachian tube dysfunction). The ENT cleaned out my ear with a suction device. Next, he put a liquid anestetic in my ear. He then made a small incision in my ear drum and placed the ventilating tube. In my case, there was no pain involved. My eustachian tube did remain open more however.I have heard from other people that they have had problems such as pain and worsening of symptoms. In my case, I heard the distortion of my breathing noise and talking in my left ear more frequently. There were no more pressure changes in my ear. After a month, the ventilation tube had to be removed because of a surgery done cutting the tensor tympani muscles in my middle ear. It does sound like a ventilation tube would drain the fluid from your ear. If it is getting better on it's own and it isn't too uncomfortable, I recommend waiting before having a ventilation tube put in. If the symptoms are really bothersome, I do believe that a ventilation tube would help you. Good luck with your health.

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