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[QUOTE=JeremyR]Hi lib,

My understanding is that patulous eustachian tube (PET) is just one of several "eustachian tube dysfunctions." I have PET and here are the symptoms I experience: hearing my voice in my ear, my eardrum being "sucked in" when I inhale, and almost constant clicking and popping, I hear air rush in and out of my ear. If my symptoms are especially bad, the right side of my face gets mildly sore. It feels almost like I have overworked the muscles on that side of my face. I don't have dizziness or serious headaches. Those are my major symptoms of PET FOR ME. I had many ear infections as a child and throughout the years (I'm 26), and had ear tubes. But many people have infections who don't have PET. I hope this helps. JeremyR[/QUOTE]

thanks for the info, i was wondering do you also experience muscle spasms in and around the ear? are you noise sensitive at all?
loud noises will make my ears jump. i also get wierd thumps and some sound reverberation in both. i had fluid in my ears for months it is gone but now this. did you lose any wieght before this started ? i have, and wonder if i gain it back if it will go away? thanks so much! lib

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