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HI can anyone tell me if they have noticed that when there is a low pressure system around or when the berometer is low that they get ears that block and ring?then the ears seem to put pressure on the throat and it makes you feel like you cant swallow properly
when my ears get real bad i feel closed \off and they will be ringing and buzzing like mad it can even make you feel like you have asthma as it seems to pull on all your cords then after the low has passed the eusachian tubes seem to open and you feel the fluid running down your throat (forgive the gross description) Also i wondered if anyone has heard of the research being done into the ears and anxiety
love to hear from you Im an anxiety sufferer and i feel there is a big connection between the ears and anxiety.EAR problems can cause balance problems On days when my ears are blocked i notice i hold myself tightly and my muscles feel tight and balance is off
anyone experience this?

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