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omg I get that alll the time the ear thing never knew how to desribe the feeling though but I totally understand what your going through is there anything you do to rid of it or get through it better i'd love to know i put a wet cold clothe around my neck !!!!! HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi I suffer from inner ear problems, cause still being investigated, but I too notice that my ears are worse when cold or damp. But the docs always look at me as if I'm mad when I mention this.

I have been told that anxiety is caused by my inner ear problems, many others say this as well. At peak bad times with my ears, I wake up in the night to find I have clenched my fists so tight I have drawn blood on my palms from my nails!

I find the best thing for the balance and relaxation and also the warming of the ears is Hopi Ear Candles, I have a good 3-4 days after having those.

Weird isn't it!

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