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The stapedectomy is what I suspected. It sounds like yours might have been botched, especially if there was no improvement.

I had my right ear "stapedectomied"...with hammer and chisel-yep 20 years ago and my hearing was restored beautifully.
The results were great, but the surgery was a nightmare of Laurel and Hardy antics so I've managed to put off the left ear for two decades out of fear. Left ear is nearly deaf now (learned to live without it) but the tinnitus is driving me up the wall, so I will have it done soon...directionality will be nice to have back.

Why three surgeries for you....were they all attempts to "fix" the stapedectomy? or some other problem.

If you still have good conductance hearing (and thus no appreciable nerve loss) I would think an EXPERT oto-surgeon can still do the job- it's only joining the eardrum to the cochlea mecanically that's required- don't give up. Stay away from the first surgeons- other than through a lawyer.
A successful stapedectomy is one of the medical miracles of our age. Do you have any guesses why it didn't work for you?

The on-again, off again hearing restoration indicates a partial failure in the connection between stapes prosthesis and incus or pros. and cochlear window...

What have the "experts" said went wrong...or did they try the BS about "well, these things happen" or worse...."it's god's will?"

I've also presumed your original problem was otosclerosis- what's the status of the other ear.

Conductive hearing aids are quite good.

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