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Help someone!
I have suffering from Patulous Eustachian tube for around three years and starting to really go crazy!

I got it about six months after I was on the birth control pill and believe it is 100% related. Although I have been off the pill for about 2 and a half years and yet it has not gone away! My symptoms come on around mid day usually at lunch, or anytime I workout or I get nervous. What is different with me is that when my tube opens I get mucus actually going into the tube. Therefore my symptoms wont leave until I am able to suck out the mucus. I know Yuck!

My question is has anyone tried hormonal therapy and how is it done? I have tried Estrogen in a gell form and it has help at times but I still continue to get echoing and congested feeling in my right ear. I feel quite strongly that it could be other hormones in body that are causing these problems. Also does anyone know exactly what oral contraceptives do to your body. I know it is hormonal manipulation but are there lasting affects?

It's driving me crazy and I'm starting to develop panic attacks when I'm fearing my symptoms are starting to come on. Please anyone help.

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