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Does anyone here have or know about cronic ear infections in adults (NOT CHILDREN)? I have been getting at least one ear infection a year for about 6 years now. They are never that painful (until the most recient) in fact if I hadn't gone to the doctor for an upper respitory infection I wouldn't have even known. Is there anyway to prevent them? I have heard of children getting alot of ear infections but not adults. When I was younger I did get ear infections, however instead of getting them at under 5 like most kids I didn't start getting them until I was 7 or 8. Now I am in the mist of another problem, this is beyond my normal ear infection. I have not been able to hear well out of my right ear since about mid June. I dismissed it as impacted wax until I had a quick hearing check at a local fair. The guy didn't see any wax so I got a bit concerned. By the time I got to my primary care doctor I was starting to feel pain and pressure in that ear. A test was done to see if my ear drum was working propertly, it was. He checked my ear to see if it was red or swollen, it wasn't. My drum was also normal. My doctor looked at me and said, "Seems to me like there is no reason you shouldn't be able to hear." Yeah, that is all I needed to hear (out of my good ear). After a week of staroids (both oral and nasel) and decongestant, I was not feeling any better. I made an appointment with an Ear nose and throat doctor (ENT). The audiologist said that I had lost about 30% of the hearing in my right ear. My ENT looked in my ear and like my primary car doctor saw nothing wrong. By this time I was feeling some new symptoms, numbness in the face (perioticly), dizziness (felt like I was car sick all the time), headaches (mostly over my right eye), uncontrolled eye movements (if my eyes are relaxed they dart down and to the left), and more severe pain and fullness in my ear. The ENT really couldn't do much for me except give me Antivert for the dizziness and put me on a diuretic that might reduce fluid in my ear (which might be causing my hearing loss). He also sent me for an MRI which I am having tomorrow. My ENT said it could be a number of things from a tumor in my ear to a viral infection. When I first noticed the hearing loss I didn't have a cold or allergies...etc, so the viral thing just doesn't hold water with me. Of course I don't want a tumor in my ear, that would suck! I have had this before, the hearing loss thing without the other symptoms. The last time I just got water in my ear and it "popped". This time when I get water in my ear it almost brings me to my knees it hurt so much. I am worried sick about what this could be...has anyone else had this problem or can anyone give me some insite on what this could be?

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