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On January 11 2001, life as I knew it ended. My left ear was plugged with wax, I could not hear and it was very uncomfortable. I went to the Walk In Clinic, hoping that the doctor would flush it out. Instead he told me to put mineral oil in the ear to loosen the wax and come back a week later. I COULD NOT IMAGINE ENDURING A WEEK OF THIS NUISANCE. I have always been an individual who has to have things a certain way. Every hour, I kept dropping oil in my ear hoping it would fall out.I then, desperatly began trying to flush my ear with water. As I tryed and failed, I got MADDER and MADDER. I was enraged that my weekend was RUINED by THIS and that I would have to endure a week of this discomfort. Then, I flew into a blind rage similar to that of a father shaking a baby that would not stop crying. I raised my left hand and punched out my left ear three times. Each time the hand struck, A sound like tin foil being struck was heared. Then, there was a loud humming sound. Terror seized me. I knew I had REALLY DONE IT this time. I would soon find that I was right. An hour later, a terrifying and unbearable symptom appeared. Horrible popping in my left ear. What I could not stand was that there was no way to PREVENT or STOP it. Eventually, I was referred to an ENT. He would fix me up, stop the popping and my life would be back on track. Instead, he looked in both ears for ten seconds and told me that I had "A perforated ear drum" and that "It would heal in six weeks". I could not imagine six weeks of suffering. Two weeks later, the hearing returned, but the popping and congestion remained. Each time my ear would go into a popping attack, I would clench and shake my fists and growl like a sick old man. I could not STAND it. Over the next four months, the popping went away, but the congestion remained. Then the thumping started. Unbearable muscle spasms in my left ear. These were almost as terrifying and unbearable as the popping. In October 2001, I had botox injections to the roof of my mouth. This stopped the thumping, but caused patulous eustachian tube dysfunction. The roaring sound of my voice and breathing and the feeling of my very tender ear drum being sucked back and forth was unbearable. The only way to STOP it was by lying down. In November 2001, I had the tensor tympani muscles cut in my middle left ear. Despite this attempt to prevent the thumping, when the botox wore off, the thumping returned. In June 2002, I had Aria Calcium Hydroxylapatite injected into my eustachian tube to STOP it from opening abnormally. Not only did this stop the PETD, but the thumping almost disappeared. The only nuisance that remained was my ear feeling uncomfortable and congested.Then, in December 2002 the thumping returned. I hoped this to be a temporary nuisance. In March 2003, it got so bad that I went mad. I drove to the ER. My plan was that if they would not do anything, I would MAKE IT STOP once and for all. I was prescribed 2 mg clonazepam 3* a day as needed for the spasms and 1-2 30 mg codeine/acetaminophen for the pain every four hours as needed. Sometimes this stops the thumping. It has now been two years, two months and sixteen days since my extreme act of STUPIDITY ruined my life. I continue to suffer horribly. Instead of suffering for six weks, recovering and LEARNING MY LESSON, this condition drags on and on. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME. Before THIS, I was 6 feet 2 inches, 180 pounds and in excellent physical shape. I cycled and jogged every day and lived life to the fullest. Now, exercise makes my ear more uncomfortable and pop. I CAN'T STAND THIS so I don't exercise. I am now a 220 lb FAT BODY like Private PILE in Full Metal Jacket. If I knew this would be dragging on for so long, I would have QUIT in January 2001. One thing is for sure. I REFUSE to spend the next 30 to 60 years like THIS. I don't deserve this punishment for one stupid mistake. I WANT a second chance.

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