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Ear clicking
May 4, 2003
Just wondering if anyone out there has had ANY luck with any ENT that has treated for Eustation Tube Dysfunction. I have gone to 3 ENT's, the 1st one told me that I had ETD. He came to this conclusion after running a series of tests including a CAT scan. After trying several methods of treatment, Flonase, Allergy injections, decongestants, nothing seemed to work. The 2nd doctor however told me I had PETD. Huh?! he told me that I should be taking a medication called Premrin and that I should try to congest the sinus rather that drain it so that the ET closes. After trying his method for 3 months, I realized this wasnt working either and saw 1 more ENT, who told me I had ET. Now let me tell ya, this has gotten really annoying! What the hell is it? PETD or ETD? I guess what im asking is, does anyone have a doctor whom they feel can diagnose me correctly. I feel like for the past year I have been wasting my time and suffering when I shouldn't have to be. My symptoms are as follows: ear fullness in right ear. I need to "pop" it throughout the whole day and into the night. I hear a "clicking" sound when I speak and the pressure builds up at the same time. My throat feels as though it being restricted or choked. I also feel sinus pressure constantly.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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