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If all of this is still going on I suggest you go to the ENT (ear nose and throat) at your local hospital. It sounds like you have tinitus. I don't know what they suggest for it but I know that you should carry on popping your ears when you feel the fullness/pressure. Ask your doctor/consultant if it may be ETD (eustachien tube dysfunction) its a posibility. Are you congested in your nose do you feel as though your nose is always bolcked or you've always got a cold. if so it may be ETD, this is when your eustatchien tube (that leads from your ear to your throat) does'nt open when you swallow not allowing air to push your eardrum back out after it feeling full, causing you to have to pop your ears to push air in, because any air that is in your ear gets ubsoarbed by your eardrum retracting it and making any slight fullness feel like your ear is going to burst.
good hunting.
good luck.

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