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Hello all,

Today I had a weird ear problem start. This morning before I went out to mow I had a ringing occur in my left ear and then go away (you know the kind where all the sudden all the sound gets lower, you hear a ringing for a sec, then the ringing goes away and everything goes back to normal) and I just brushed it off as normal (just mentioning this occurence, not sure if it has any relation to the following event). While I was out mowing I noticed that there was the same high pitched ringing in my left ear except this time it was staying there and when I took off my ear protector headset I noticed a feeling of fullness accompianed the ringing. I then noticed that when I would hear noises (especially louder noises, me talking, my garage door closing and opening, etc..) that the ringing would get louder while that sound was there and also that the feeling of fullness would get worse (the ear would feel "fuller") and then the feeling of fullness and the ringing would return the degree that they were before I heard the louder noise. It is now night and the ringing has lessened to where I can barely hear it when I close my ears (earlier I could hear it with my ears open) and the feeling of fullness is still there (I dont think the feeling of fullness is quite as bad as earlier). Just a little background this last week I went to Cancun for 4 days and we went to a club everynight for about 4 hours a night. Now I am very protective of my ears and would take little breaks for the loud music, like I would close my ears for a few minutes or seconds to give my ears a break from the loud music, or go outside for a few minutes (at one club I went outside for an hour). Now I never had ringing in my ears after the clubs or in the last 4 days. Like I was saying im very careful with my ears and that was actually the first time ive ever attended any clubs and the only other loud event I have been to was a rock concert about a year ago (I also wear ear protecting muffs when I mow) as I usually shy away from them to protect my hearing. Another thing to note is ever since about a year ago, about a month or two after that concert, I have had a prob with my right ear. Louder sounds in that ear sound muffled or kind of further way (like when you are traveling and you go down in elevation and have to pop your ears, what everything sounds like before you pop your ears, kind of muffled and further away). I have noticed that when I listen to music at a decent volume or when I hear louder noises alot of times ill get an aching pain around my right ear and above my right eye, right at or above my eyebrow, (the aching around the eyebrow feels like a headache). Anyone have and ideas? If anyone can help me at all it is deeply appreciated!

God Bless,

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