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Hello from the UK. I found this board whilst googling to fin out what's wrong with me.

About 3 years ago Istarted experiencing a crackling and distortion in my left ear in direct correlation with loud noise (but not [i]that[/i] loud, everyone else could bear it, e.g lots of people talking in a room or a loud crash or bang). My G.P (erm..physician??) couldn't see anything wrong so gave me a nasal spray because he thought it was related to the fact that I sometimes get mild hayfever.

I then developed a pulsing pressure in my right ear (that wasn't my heartbeat) that could be triggered by yawning or coughing, but was just as likely to be random. This later developed in both ears. Referred to ENT consultant, fobbed off, wanted a second opinion, got an MRI scan and apparently everything was A-O.K.

Getting used to living with what is diagnosed as 'tinnitus', when this week my right ear/throat has really kicked off. It feels like my eustashion (sp?) tube is being pulled and twisted, accompanied by a lot of pain. It kind of vibrates when I breath move my head or do anything really.

I've got important exams in just over a week and I don't know what i'm going to do. Any advice or idea what is wrong?
I have been experiencing the same symptoms as you. I have not had an MRI done as of yet though. Mine all started after my braces came off. I have crackling, popping in both ears and on my right side my ear making that pulsating noise anytime I bend over or turn my head a certain way. It totally drives me crazy. My doctor at first thought it was allergies and he put me on allegra D, but that seemed to make the cracking noises worse. He then said it was Eustation Tube Dysfunction. I'm going back to the doctor on Thursday so hopefully he can give me some idea of what to do next. Is your tinnintus constant?

I will keep you informed of what happens, and I wish you the best of luck
[quote]Nothing clearly stands out for the layman to recognize. The new "twisted" eustachian tube feeling sounds like a middle ear infection to me.[/quote]

infection hasn't been mentioned, i presume that would present either throuh observation of nose/throat or the mri tho.

[quote]You really DO need an appointment with a GOOD ENT specialist and not someone whose going to fob you off[/quote]

this is the nhs man, you get what you're given ;)

[quote]...PATULOUIS EUSTACHIAN TUBE...[/quote]

Thanks! I'll do some research.

[quote]I have been experiencing the same symptoms as you...I have crackling, popping in both ears and on my right side my ear making that pulsating noise...[/quote]

i feel for ya, i really do.

[quote]Is your tinnintus constant?[/quote]

Not quite, but this new eustachian tube thing is pain 24/7 :(

[quote]I will keep you informed of what happens, and I wish you the best of luck[/quote]

Right back atcha. Hope you have more success than me.

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