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Saw the ENT guy yesterday, repeated my hearing test, some mild hearing loss (30db at 3k?) in both ears. Looked at both ears, did pressure test to check if any fluid in middle ear. which was fine.
He went on about 1 in 8 people having some form of tinnitus, not much to do about it etc,etc.
I mentioned the last doctor stating I might be allergic to something inflaming my nasal passages/eustachian tubes, he said my tubes are fine ( he must x-ray vision or something), but sent me for an allergy test, which came back positive for grass pollen.
He was just going to let me go with a 'learn to live with it' speech and we will see you next year, but I went on and on about how bad it is, it came on suddenly etc, so he's decided to send me for an MR scan 'just in case'.
So I guess the outcome of that meeting was, I'm slowly going deaf anyway, sensorneural. Everyone has a certain amount of tinnitus ( he mentioned the seashell against the ear, how your not really hearing the sea doh!)My deafness means I'm more aware of mine, suddenly developing an allergy that affects my ears has magified my tinnitus even more but not caused it.
But I suppose the scan should rule out otosclerosis, neuroma etc.

I also had some complmentary allergy testing done, hair sample, which stated I was allergic to almost everything, dust, pollen, fumes, milk, even gulp, red wine. But I don't know if I should (want)to believe it.

The bottom line is though, its not going away, for me anyway, lets hope its a bit better in the winter!

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