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Has anyone else with otosclerosis tried to have stapedectomy but have the doctor decide in the middle of the operation that it can't be done?

My 24 year old brother, was diagnosed with otosclerosis when he was in his
mid teens. He needs a hearing aid to hear properly unless people speak
loudly to him. His doctors have been recommending stapedectomy
to him for the past 5-6 years. After his doctor told him that the procedure
would have a 90% chance of success for him, he tried to get a stapedectomy
yesterday. However,
after opening his ear, the surgeon found that his ear bone is fused with the
nerve, so he decided not to perform the surgery and closed up the ear! The surgeon
also said that he put a pack in my brother's ear and will remove the pack
after 2 weeks. In the meantime, my brother cannot hear from that ear at

Is it true that if my brother's ear bone is fused with a nerve, that the
stapedectomy surgery cannot be performed? If so, then what other treatment
options are available? Would sodium fluoride help?

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