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Wow, Hello Texan...ANOTHER stapedectomy (hooray)

Did you have much dizziness, vertigo for a couple weeks later?
Was there much change in your tinnitus before and after?

To answer your question, yes there is some popping and crackling which I attribute to the motion of the incus and malleus doing there normal thing- not annoying. A VERY SLIGHT inflation/deflation can make them "creak" a bit. I'm sure it's been always there but without decent conduction to the oval window I was unaware. Now that I think about it, my right ear (done a quarter century ago) does the same thing.

I'm still in the healing stage and was unhappy to get, on Saturday (16 days after surgery), a return of tinnitus with some dizziness on footfalls. Nuts, I thought the tinnitus was gone (and it WAS considerably diminished) for two weeks after the surgery.
It sdoesn;t effect the excellent hearing but I'm going to see the doc soon about it....currently taking some prdnisone to control any possible labyrinthitis.

In any case, Welcome aboard.

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