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This is in response to Phil's posting, "thumping noise in ear". I have been suffering from this horrible condition off and on for over two years. It is totally destroying my life. It started four months after an injury to my left ear. Finally, after being admitted to Emergency with a nervous breakdown, my ENT recognized there really was a problem. I had botox injected to the roof of my mouth to stop it. This worked, but I got patulous eustachian tube dysfunction. The air, noise and voice reverberating into my left ear was maddening. Next, I had the middle ear muscles in my left ear cut. Despite this, the thumping returned when the botox wore off and the PETD remained. I was now in a deeper well. Then, I had an injection to my eustachian tube to stop the PETD. Not only did this stop the PETD, but it also reduced the thumping by 90%. Then, five months later, the thumping returned and it hasn't gone away since. For awhile 2mg clonazepam with two Tylenol #3 pills stoped the thumping, but then the clonazepam began losing effect and messed up my head. Now I am taking 1200mg a day of neurontin which somewhat reduces the thumping. It is not enough however. Each thump is so uncomfortable and so maddening that it ruins whatever I am doing. Sometimes it happens once in many hours, but other times it keeps happening again and again. It's the uncertainty that I can't stand. All I want is for it to stop permanetly so that I can resume my suspended life and not resort to living off disability and welfare. Most of the doctors agree that it is a muscle inside my eustachian tubes that send shockwaves into the ear creating the thumping. The problem is is that all except Dr. Dennis Poe of The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary believe it will bring back the PETD and I will be worse off. Dr. Poe believes he could correct the PETD if it re-develops. It appears I can't get help here in Canada, so I must turn to Dr. Poe again. He saved my life with getting rid of the PETD. Hopefully, he can save it again. He is a great man.Hopefully whoever is reading this will not have to suffer as long as me. Good luck. Don't fall into the, "You are over-reacting to it. You are suffering from anxiety." trap. That is all nonsense. This is a real problem that is unlivable. Doctors that don't understand that blame it on mental health. I was fine before this happened.

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