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Hi everyone. I've had ear problems for as long as I can remember. When I was really young I had one middle ear infection after another, and when I reached high school I suffered from constantly clogged ears. I was told when I was 17 that blockages were causing a 'vacuum' in my ear tubes and that what I felt was extreme pressure. Now at the age of 23 I still have the same problem, but when I go to the doctor they can't see any wax and tell me to purchase anti-histemines for what they think is an allergy, which don't work. I am absolutely fed up. I beleive this constantly heavy, stuffy feeling inside of my head contributes to depression, constant tiredness and irritability. It almost never goes away. I have always been able to 'pop' my ears by moving some sort of muscle inside my head (which I know sounds weird but unlike other people I don't need to open my mouth or move my jaw), so I know there is stuff in their. I am always popping them during the day, without even realising it, because it gives momentary relief but then things go back to normal.

Does anyone suffer from the same problem? If so, is there some sort of treatment that relieves the symptoms? My doctor doesn't seem to take me seriously, and I am at my wits end as to what to do.

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