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I am not sure where else to turn regaring my problem. My ears feel blocked, mostly my left ear. I have had vertigo, sinus infections, nasal drainage. I also can hear the water moving around in my left ear, my hearing has decreased. My ears pop all the time, sometimes with pain...when they pop I can hear perfectly clear.

I went to an ENT for the 3rd time today. They did a hearing test and said I have hearing kidding!!

He told me because I have some hearing loss my ears will feel blocked. I asked why the liquid in the ears? the clicking popping and all the other symptoms.

He told me there is nothing he can do and to come back in 1 year. I think that is an unacceptable answer. Obviously there is something causing the hearing loss and the discomfort other than my losing a little hearing.

I am sick of going to the ENT and getting a simple answer yet they run no tests. They gave me a hearing test, and looked in my ears...thats it. They tried me on nasacort, allegra and anti biotics....nothing has worked. I feel there is more they can be doing, like trying to get a better idea where the fluid in my ears are? They said by looking at my ears I have no fluid. Then why do I hear fluid as if i just got out of a pool? Sometimes I will have water leak out of my ears...this is not normal and not a simple hearing loss explanation. Anyone have the similiar issues??

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