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Nov 17, 2001
Hi. I'm new to this board, but I was just wondering if anyone with ETD is having problems like I'm having. It started about a year ago. The first symptoms were runny nose and sneezing. Then one day a work, I got this dizzy, lightheaded feeling that I've had constantly ever since. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Then I started having clicking and popping in my left ear. It progressively got worse and developed in my right ear. It got to the point where I couldn't ride up and down small hills w/o my ears feeling like they were going to explode. I was so concerned about it being Menieres or something like that, but I went to one of the best Dr. in the South and was told that he didn't see any evidense of Vestibular problems. I've never had vertigo and do not have any hearing loss. My balance tests came out normal. Plus the popping and clicking are not part of it. Well, I finally got my ENT to put tubes in my ears (which is a very painful procedure by the way). At first I thought they were helping, b/c my dizziness got a little better, but now it's gotten bad again. I've only had them in for 3 weeks, but I was hoping this would help. My ears still click when I swallow and yawn, but the pressure is gone. My left ear rings in quiet rooms also. This dizziness is distroying me. I'm only 24 and I used to be so active. Now I do good to make it through my part-time job as a bank teller. I want so bad to have children, but don't think I can manage. Does this sound familar to anyone? How long b/f the tubes start to work? Ihave had every test done that can be done and ETD was the only thing that showed up. Any help that anyone can give would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
Nov 17, 2001
First are they certain that your ears problems are the cause of your vertigo. Also are you haveing true vertigo ie: the whole room is going around and around or is it just dizziness. There is the distinct difference in the two. Also I am surprised that tubes in your ears was painful as I had that done probably 35 years ago long before it was ever thought of to do day surgery and both times I had no real problems. You mentioned chronic sinusitis. This can cause some dizzy symptoms although it doesn't cause vertigo. Have they done a set of sinus x-rays to rule out a sinus infection? I would hope that they have looked at other possibilities for your dizziness or vertigo if that is what you have. As for the popping in your ears etc. that is common and not sure what all can be done for that since that is one problem I don't have at the time. I would assume they have you on decongestants to try to help with this though.

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