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Re: Stapedectormy
Apr 9, 2004
Hello to All!

I am new to this board and in fact, just found it by accident when using the Google search engine. I just read, with great interest, all 19 pages of posts on Stapedectomy. I thank all of you who have posted and shared your stories so we can all learn from your experiences.

As for my issue: I just had a stapedectomy operation on April 1st., and no, it was not joking matter!

I am one week out and I just had my ear cleanned out. The problems I am having include my operated ear feels full like there is fluid in it, or that it is still fully packed. I can hear out of it, but the sounds are weird. It sounds like I am in a barrel, and the sounds reverberate. I also still have the awful buzzing sound, and when I move my body, it sounds like the rumbling sound when you have a microphone outside in the wind. I can also hear my heart beating.

Needless to say, I am very depressed and frightened over this, for I feel maybe I made the wrong choice in having surgery. The doctor said surgery went smooth and he had no problems. Still all these problems...

I have been reading from everyone's posts that things should improve in time. But did anyone have this "windy microphone" sound and / or buzzing? How about the distortion or hollow sound. If so, did it go away? Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.

Any comments or replies will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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