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I just developed a strange ringing sound in my right ear. I can only hear it when there is little or no background noise, but seems loud when it is completely silent. I can only hear it in my right ear. I reccently caught a cold and had my sinuses blocked up, including pain in my ears from the preasure, which might explain something. About a year ago, the same thing happened. I woke up one morning while i had a cold and could hear a strange ringing in my right ear, but when I woke up the next morning, it was completely gone. The ringing started Oct 13 at 6 PM and it is now Oct 14 at 3:20 PM, so maybe it will be gone by tomorrow. I am only 15 years old. Any information would be great. Thanks for your time.
That is GREAT news Skyler! Glad to hear that it was nothing serious. Colds have crazy ways of affecting people. I recently came down with a bad cold and i think it has blocked my ears all up. Times like this i wished my digitals had volume controls, because i can barley hear out of my right ear (which is my better ear).

Take care!

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