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Iím a brand new member, and first of all, I want to say how helpful this website has been in figuring out some of the health issues Iíve been experiencing lately. In turn, I want to share something that has helped me with a lot of my ear issues. And Iím going to post it in any of the threads in which it may be helpful to people.

Yesterday, I started to experience a fluttering sensation in my right ear. Itís like the feeling of driving with the window open and the wind lightly blowing against my eardrum. Or like someone was inside my head playing on my eardrum with tiny soft-tipped drum mallets.

I see that a lot of people have been experiencing this problem, and others have explained that it could possibly be due to a muscle spasm in the ear. Well, if thatís the case, then I think I have something that may helpÖ at least in some small way.

Ok, this is going to sound a little unorthodox, but this technique has worked for me in the past for earaches, and it just worked again this afternoon to subdue the fluttering sensationÖ [U]blow cigarette smoke in your ear[/U].

I know it sounds strange, but several years ago, I had an earache, and a friend of mine suggested that I blow cigarette smoke into my ear. I thought she was batty, but it worked, and itís been a helpful little tool ever since.

Nicotine acts as a sort of muscle relaxant that can actually permeate your ear canal and through the eardrum (Tympanic Membrane). ďNicotine also increases the level of other neurotransmitters and chemicals that modulate how your brain works. For example, your brain makes more endorphins in response to nicotine. Endorphins are small proteins that are often called the body's natural painkiller. It turns out that the chemical structure of endorphins is very similar to that of heavy-duty synthetic painkillers like morphine.Ē ([url][/url]). This being said, hereís how to do it:

You can either do this yourself, or get someone to help you. To do it yourself, youíll need a piece of rubber tubing or some other way to get the smoke from your mouth to your ear.

Take the smoke from a lit cigarette, pipe, or cigar into your mouth (donít inhale, that way none of the nicotine is absorbed by your lungs and therefore is more potent), and then lightly blow through the tube (or have someone blow into your ear) so that the smoke is shooting directly into your ear canal. [B]Donít blow too hard[/B]. You want the smoke to linger in your ear for a few seconds and blowing too hard will cause the smoke to dissipate. Quickly, while the smoke is still in your ear canal, block your ear with a piece of Kleenex, cotton, or an earplug to trap the smoke in your ear like a cork (the more smoke trapped, the better). I usually leave the cotton in my ear for anywhere from half an hour to over an hour depending on the intensity of the symptoms.

I am, by no means, claiming that this is a cure-all, and whether or not this will help everyone remains to be seen, but itís helped me during some tough times. And if youíre like me, then anything is worth trying onceÖ even something as silly as blowing smoke in your ear.

Good luck to you.

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