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i have only flown once (round trip)... the first flight wasn't that bad but the flight back was quite uncomfortable. my husband told me to keep my mouth open to help regulate air and pressure which seemed to help, but i guess it could have been coincidence.

girls, it is so nice to read your posts. i have had chronic ear problem since i was a kid. finally i had an mri when i was 19 and they said that my eustacian tube seemed to be closed off. my ear drum ruptured numerous times and i have had significant hearing loss. i have the same problems with hearing my own voice so loud. friends tease me too wondering if i can't hear well, then why don't i speak louder! i have tried to explain that i seem loud to me because of the echoing, but seems like they don't really understand. i usually make my husband order food for us, because it never fails, the waitress also says "huh?" whenever i try to order. and on my cell phone is just as bad... i have just handed the phone to my husband numerous times just saying "you have to talk to them!!"

do you guys have problems with repetitive ear infections and ear aches and or ruptures? i have at least one or two every year... and that's when i'm lucky. now they say that my eardrum is collapsed which is a side affect of all of the ear infections and eustacian tube malfunctionings. anyone with similar issues.

i would love to talk to you girls... it was nice reading some *familiar* words.

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