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I think it is funny that you describe the sound as a hurricane. I told my husband it sounds like the ocean is going through my head. Once, when I was having the rattling cellophane noise, this was in the middle of the night, I sat straight up in bed and screamed: "I can't stand this noise!!!" I asked him to put his ear up next to mine and--seriously--he could hear it! He was absolutely amazed--also he did not know how I could stand it either. The noises have mostly stopped now. The ocean sound is still there--usually when I lay down at night. I have found that lying down with my "bad ear" next to the pillow usually helps for a while--at least it used to before I had two bad ears..Don't worry--this happened after about 17 years..
Incidentally, I was 28 years old when this all began..what a mess! I had three kids (the youngest--who is now 20--was 13 months old!) I think having the kids was a little of what kept me going--I did not have a choice....Also, as you said, I cried and cried and cried. And this is dumb--but--crying sometimes helped because it would make my nose run and I would get all stopped up and it probably stopped up my sinuses and eustachian tube at the same time. Of course, that wore off. Sometimes it helps to sit in a chair and lean over with your head between your legs (like they tell you to do when you are going to pass out or something). Also, for more than a year, I discovered that if I would hold my nose and sniff (not blow--sniff) it seemed to close. I used to say it was like closing a door by doing that. As you can see, i have tried everything. On the website that I told you about--there is a doctor in Japan that has treated 800 patients in the last 6 years for PET> He is treating them with a Chinese herbal drug...I ordered some just this week. It should be here any day. He e-mailed me and told me he had successful to partial success in 70% of the patients. Hey! I am willing to try..may sound silly--but desperate times call for desperate measures!!! i will be sure to let you know how it turns out...Oh! One more thing...and I know this is not a good thing or a good have been reading the message boards (check out Nathan)..he has tried alcohol. I am by no means an alcoholic--but occasionally my husband and I fix margaritas in the evening. I don't mean drink until you are intoxicated--but 1 or 2 drinks helps .. I don't know..maybe it is the relaxing effect.. Like I said, this is not a solution at all..but, like Nathan, I have found it to help temporarily... Let me hear from you. I cannot tell you how it helps to actually talk to someone who understands after all this time! Sorry, I thought of one more thing. You mentioned the candles. I don't know what that is??? Can you explain? Thanks!

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