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Re: ENT visit
Nov 6, 2003
[QUOTE=jbc]I had a previous post, I guess I should have continued on that thread. I'm new to these boards.
I woke up on 10/11 with a ringing and clogged feeling in my left ear. I had a baby on 10/13, so I was not able to get to an ENT until the following week. The ENT did a pressure test, which was normal, and said there was no fluid in my ear. I did not have any wax to be removed in my ear either. I was not around any loud music or noise prior to this, didn't have a cold or sinus infection, nothing. I'm 30 years old and never listened to loud music or anything like that in the past, always have been pretty healthy. Just woke up like this. I tried taking Zyrtec-D, Sudafed. The ENT prescribed a Medrol Dose Pac. All of this stuff did absolutely nothing. I am going for an MRI on Thursday, and am going for some hearing tests next week. This is driving me crazy. So that's pretty much my story.[/QUOTE]
The tinnitus and feeling of fluid in the ear is not uncommon at all and many times they cannot find a cause for it. My husband went through something similar about 2 years ago and was basically told he need to adapt to it by using a white noise machine for the tinnitus at night and that the feeling of fluid was just that ................a feeling of fluid. He too had the MRI and other tests to rule out a serious cause for his problems as well as a hearing test. His hearing test should a very minor loss to certain pitches. Over time he has learned to compensate for the tinnitus and now doesn't even realize if he really still has a problem or not. Pregnancy can wreck havoc on your hearing though at times as my hubby feels my hearing loss became worse after each pregnancy. Follow up with your ENT and I hopefully he can help you work through this.

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