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Hi all,

Mylesmom - Make the trip to Dallas and see Dr. Bob Owens (Owens Ear Center - Baylor Dallas). He's one of the top surgeons for this around here. He did all 3 of my surgeries and several others that have posted in the last year. Also, if you haven't read all the posts on the 3 threads we have been posting too....please take the time to read it. This is your hearing! It's worth coming here for. It's not that far when you consider the seriousness of this surgery.

Gboyz - LOL...Same for you. Read it all, most of your answers are there. Everyone heals at their own rate....but.....I drove after a week after each surgery. Swallow your pride and ask for help. One or two weeks out of your life - to regain a lifetime of hearing - putting it that way puts in into perspective.
Precook caseroles, etc that can be put in microwave if you have young kids you have to feed. That way you don't feel tooooooo guilty.
On the weight restriction and general rules after surgery...I was told that I [U]should do nothing that pressurizes the ear[/U]. The list included anything that may do that such as:
Lifting heavy objects (the straining creates internal pressure on the ear drum), sneezing with mouth closed (open is ok), blowing the nose (that one is a biggie and is bad bad bad), flying (pressurizes ear drum), popping your ears, etc.
Two weeks should be sufficient time before you go back to work, just take cottonballs to put in your ears when you go back at first (to muffle the "noise"). It might be overwhelming at first, it was for me and a few others but you will get used to it and then will be fine.

Mommy - Hang in there! Your schedule sounds like mine did at first. A few more days and you should be able to drive.

Do any of you 3 know what your SRT (speech recocgition threshold) was/is before surgery on your "bad" ear? If so, i'd be interested to know if you would be willing to share that info.

Take care all and keep on posting.

More later,


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