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[B]Hi Bob[/B]

Thanks for your reply.

I think I did jump to conclusions a bit and thanks for trying to calm me down. Like you I have used the TV and the dial tone on the phone many times to check my hearing. (On Monday of last week I ordered a 512k tuning fork to check with so now I use that) I am so happy to hear of your GOOD hearing. Only folks like you (and those on this board) and me really knows how important that is.

I wish you much success as you continue your recovery to better and better hearing.

[B]Hi Polly[/B]

Thanks Polly for responding to my post.

Yes I have touched that part of my ear to try and get sound. earlier I was getting nothing but now my hearing has come back on. But it was scary - no dial tone - no hearing of any kind in the operated on ear. And yes I know what you mean by hearing the rain - it is a beautiful sound!

That reminds me of a stapedectomy I had done several years ago. When I got home I was hearing great on that occasion. I went into the bathroom and turned the light on which also has an exhaust fan connected to the light. Well I hear the fan making wraddleing sound. I told my wife we need to get that fixed. She said it had been that way for several years. It had been wraddeling for several years and I never heard it - Even the sound of a broken exhaust fan sounds good - when you have never heard it.

[B]So now here is my progress report for those who may be reading these post...[/B]

Day 0 6/18/08 Wednesday - Surgery - removed all old work and did new footplate and oval opening - Sick through up a couple of times. - Dizzy

Day 1 6/19/08 Thursday - Dr. Shea removed some of the packing and tested could hear but not well

Day 2 6/20/08 Friday - Could hear the phone dial tone very well. A little pain. Could hear when touching my ear very good. A little pain.

Day 3 6/21/08 Saturday - Woke up and could not hear at all. No dial tone. A little piercing pain. Even left ear seemed stopped up. Voice could be heard inside head but only on the left/good side.

Day 4 6/22/08 Sunday - Still complete silence in the operated ear - Very nauseated and unbalanced.

Day 5 6/23/08 Monday - Nausea and unbalanced - complete silence in the operated ear - Called Dr Shea very concerned. He said that the packing in the ear had hardened on Saturday and would be that way for a few days and then begin to dissolve.

Day 6 6/24/08 Tuesday - Nausea and unbalanced - What! The operated ear is starting to hear on the inside - no hearing on the outer ear.

Day 7 6/25/08 Wednesday - Nausea and unbalanced - It is very loud on the operated ear on the inside - outside ear just bearlly hearing.

Day 8 6/26/08 Thursday - Nausea and unbalanced - Operated ear very loud hearing now inside - outside hearing is there but very muffled.

Day 9 6/27/08 Friday - Unbalanced but less - If the inside result of the ear is a forecast of how the outside ear is going to hear this is going to be great - Called Dr Shea and he said all was going well and he gave me a prescription for nausea and balance.

Day 10 6/28/08 Saturday - Unbalanced but even less - Medicine makes me sleepy.

Day 11 6/29/08 Sunday - No nausea - very little unbalanced - took no medicine - best day yet. Went to church played bass guitar in the band. Wow was the praise band loud - plugged up my operated ear with a ear plug!

So far day 11 with me. All seems to be going well. The operated ear is hearing great inside and is hearing better and better outdie now as well. The dial tone of the phone is even BETTER in my operated ear than it is in my old "operated left ear."

[B]ALSO for those interested. I have had 8 Stapendectomies.[/B] 1 on my left ear and 7 on my right ear. The right ear has been hard to fix. In those stapendectomies I have had all kinds of after effects. On the first occasion I was in bed for about a week with all the possible symptoms and after effects you could have. The second time by a different doctor it was as if I had never even had surgery. Of course it did not work then either. So I have been through the ringer over the past 2 years. So much for a surgery that is suppose to be 95% successful!

But I think now Dr. Shea has got it on track for a full and complete GREAT result. I will keep you posted.

God bless
Day 11

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