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[QUOTE=JULIEP28;3627144]Hello everyone! It's been a VERY long time since my last post! I had a stapendotomy on 10/19/07 and right after my 1 month post op I became pregant--with twins!!! It's been a rough pregnancy so I've not been posting at all.

My concern is it's been 8 months since my successful surgery, but the last few days I've notice my hearing in my operated ear is starting to sound like it did pre-surgery. Has anyone has this happen so long after a successful surgery?

I'm hoping maybe it's pregnancy hormones, but I am getting the stuffy head feeling and a tinny sound in my operated ear. The radio sounds like stereo in my good ear and sounds like AM in my operated ear.

Does anyone have anything to share with me??? I would greatly appreciate it!!! I hope the surgery has not gone bad. :confused:

Thanks to everyone and anyone who replies!!!!!! :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Julie,

First off hope all goes well with your pregnancy. I know the twins are going to be a lot of work but a lot of joy as well!

I have had 8 stapendectomies. 1 in my left ear and 7 in my right ear, so I know a bit about failures. Of the 7 times my right was operated on 2 of those times the hearing was good for about 3 or 4 months each and then failed. But now I think I have a very good connection so I hope all goes well.

Of course you should see your doctor for testing and a through examination! But I will give you my 2 cents worth.

Your hearing problems could come from several sources. It is June here and sinus problems also cause our hearing to decrease. My wife went to the ear doctor and he told her her hearing was fine, it was just her sinuses where stopped up causing some hearing deterioration. So it could be sinuses or some other minor nasal or head problem.

And while I don't know much about that myself (being a man) it might could have something to do with hormones, during the many changes the body goes through during pregnancy.

The radio sound you are experiencing does sound as though some change has of course taken place. Try using the phone dial tone to test it out. Try the phone touching each ear and see if it sounds the same. Then use the phone about 1/2 inch away but NOT touching the ears and see how that sounds.

That will give you the two kinds of sound the ear hears. The touching sound source has more to do with the bone level - that tells you if the nerves are good. The holding it away sound tells you about the sound entering the ear canal and if the stapes replacement is working well.

When my stapedectomies have failed they have usually done it gradually over the space of 3 or 4 weeks. The prosthesis would usually become loose on the incus bone and at that point the hearing quality goes down.

Remember I am just like you. A friend talking out loud and am certainly not a doctor. If I were you I would give my doctor a call and schedule a hearing test and then you could know for sure what is going on.

I do wish you the best.

God bless
Day 11
Hey there TXMommy27 (and Leon too!)-

This is my first post to this board also and hopefully I can answer a few of your questions as I just had a stapedectomy this past Tuesday 7/1. While it seems that everyone heals differently, there seems to be a common theme of very limited hearing over the first few weeks, due to swelling and the packing inserted around the ear drum. Some docs remove the packing with a vacuum device and some insert dissolvable packing that dissipates over several weeks. Many people also experience dizziness and vertigo for the first week or two, accompanied by some nausea. It is normally short lived and seems to be associated with the packing. The Tinnitus comes and goes during healing, along with the sound of your heartbeat in the repaired ear. This seems to dissipate for most people also over the long term.

Perhaps a little of my history will help you as you approach your procedure:

The surgery that I had last Tuesday was my third. The first two occurred about 5 years ago and were extremely disappointing. According to the surgeon that performed the most recent one, the previous two were done by an amateur. The first stapedectomy never worked at all. I had about a week of deafness and then the swelling went down and my normal hearing (55% loss in the right ear) returned. The second surgery was an actual success for about six months and then my hearing reverted right back to where it was. The same doc did both surgeries and at this point told me that my hearing loss was attributed to considerable nerve damage and that it was permanent. He sold me some very expensive hearing aids, (which have helped), and relegated me to a lifetime of being half deaf at a minimum, with the possibility of further heaing loss. I was never satisfied with the outcome, but he was allegedly a very good surgeon, so who was I to argue?

After doing some searching around on the internet, I came across the doctor that invented the stapedectomy surgery in addition to performing the first successful procedure and found out that he still practices at his own specialized hearing clinic in Memphis. I made an appointment to go see him and am incredibly relieved that I did! My new doc was determined to get to the bottom of why the first two had failed and assumed that the prosthesis had become detached. He was absolutely correct and found out that not only was the prosthesis floating around in my ear, but the stapes bone was still intact!

The recovery so far has been as follows:

7/1 surgery day. Vertigo whenever walking or standing causing nausea. I ended up vomiting shortly after waking up from general anasthesia. Rested as much as possible. Hearing was very limited

7/2 More vertigo and lots of rest. Drove home to Chicago (8 hours) and slept most of the trip. Hearing very limited with lots of vertigo.

7/3 Vertigo and nausea. Got up and tried to get some stuff done. Tired very easily and tough to walk. Hearing very limited. Took a shower with SaranWrap around my ear and a cup held up around it to keep any water out.

7/4 Vertigo and nausea. Kept activities to a minimum. Took another shower using the same method.

7/5 Still some dizziness, but getting slightly better. Went out to eat and drove for the first time. Pretty tiring day. Squeaking and popping noises in ear. Hearing still very limited.

7/6 Today. Slept in, showered, weaning off of pain meds. Dizziness is a little better today. Squeaking and popping every time I swallow. Ear feels very "full"

I asked my doc and the medical staff several times about flying as I travel extensively for work. They told me that the doc sees patients from all over the world and they fly back home shortly after surgery without issue. I have a flight booked for tomorrow and am interested in seeing how it goes. I plan to chew gum to keep the pressure from being an issue. They aslo instructed me to keep the ear from getting wet for a month, including no swimming. I would definitely ask your doc what the restrictions are. You'll find most docs recommend no flying for 3 months, no swimmig for 30 days, and no scuba diving ever.

Having had three of these surgeries, and having some anxiety over each one of them, I decided that the surgery was the way to go. The possibility of restoring my hearing has been a much easier risk to accept along with the temporary recovery, than a lifetime of having a handicap that I don't have to live with. The ability to hear my children and my clients takes precedence for me over any short term discomfort related to the surgery. I'll also say that while my hearing is presently very limited, I'll be satisfied knowing that even if I don't get it all the way back, I have seen the absolute best doc available and can live with that.

Hope your experience is a successful one. Please keep us posted as to your progress.

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