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I have posted off and on, on this board since last summer seeking information that would help me get a diagnosis for my sudden hearing loss that happened early last summer. My symptoms included autophony(echoing of my own voice), sudden low frequency hearing loss, reverberation and distortion of low frequency sounds. I tested positive on an ecog for hydrops and my diagnosis by a neurotologist was 'cochlear hydrops' with co-incidentally patulous eustachian tube or some other unidentifiable eustachian tube problem.

I have followed low salt, no caffien diet. My hearing loss and other symptoms flucutated mostly with weather systems (barometer) but never went away.

Long story short, nothing seemed to help much and I recently started a course of acyclovir (antiviral) and all my symptoms have improve beyond any fluctuation heretofore. House ear clinic is now using a different antiviral (famvir) I hear anecdotally from a patient, and finding success with hearing losses.

I know lots of people out there are looking for diagnoses and treatments and I just throw this info out there to consider along with everything else.

I did have a bad cytomegala virus mono the previous hear but I know others who were helped with antivirals who have no knowledge of a recent virus. These viruses live in our bodies forever and most everyone has one or more.

Good luck to everyone. If I learn more I will post in time.

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