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Hi Mike, I am so glad I found this site. I had my stapedectomy on July 11. At first the hearing was loud with sounds, the ceiling fan in the bedroom just hummed!! Never had heard it like that. Then, it stopped. The doctor put wax packing in and I attributed the loss to that. I am now 1 month post op and my hearing has not improved. My 1 month hearing exam showed no improvement but no loss of hearing. I am so sad..........
I was so sick for 2-3 days post-op but all that has gone away. I have had to put my hearing aids back in again, I wear them in both ears. It feels like my ear is stopped up. The doctor said to give it 1 more month and then if it doesn't open up on its own we will talk "options" . I had soooooo hoped and prayed this would work. My ear seems to pop and pulse, so maybe??? it is going to open up? Thanks for listening. Annette

[QUOTE=Mike505;3658197]Hi everyone!
My name is Mike and am so thankful for finding this group.

I had a stapedotomy on June 20th on my right ear. It has now been 32 days post-op and I feel great and my hearing is getting better everyday.

I have been living with bi-lateral hearing loss due to Otosclerosis for 10 years now. Every single one of you out there can relate when I say that your quality of life suffers, along with relationships both personal and professional.
I have been embarrased, and literally scared to go to social gatherings just because I know I will not be able to keep up with a conversation.

If there is anyone out there that is contemplating having surgery to correct this condition - please consider it. The statistics are that 95% of the procedures are succesfull. The side effects can be bothersome but only for a while. Weigh the results of hearing again for a lifetime versus just a few days of side effects.

My right ear was the worst - Dr. classified it as "profoundly deaf". I do not have the dB numbers at my reach but i can assure you I more than once was nearly killed by stepping out in front of something approaching me on my right side because i could not hear it coming.

I did not have hearing immediately after surgery like some have posted. I too was wondering if i had gone to a quack and this was all for nothing. It took me 5 days before i heard anything, then sounds became louder and louder very quickly. 11 days post-op i went to Dr. to get checked out and the packing removed. Wow!! What a noisy world we live in! I am scheduled for a hearing test October 1. Doc said that the ear will be at its optimum hearing level by then.

If there is one that i have valued or learned from this group is PATIENCE! I am now just taking the gift thats been given to me and enjoying it getting better and better each day.

Thanks to each and every one of you for sharing your experiences. I will do the same and be glad to answer anyones questions.

I will keep you all posted on my recovery as well!

Hi Mike, no reason was given. I asked the doctor if he thought it had come loose and he said no. He just said he hoped it opened up on its own and if not we would discuss options. He said the ear canal looked good. I have a lot of sinus and allergy problems so it may be like you said, swelling and fluid. I am trying to be patient but it is hard. Thanks for words of encouragement, maybe I am one that will take up to 4 months. I just don't know why the hearing started and now has stopped. Thanks again, Annette

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