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Mike, I am so glad you wrote in! It's great to hear another success story! I am 10 days post-surgery, and it's better everyday!

I actually had pain for several days in my ear, much like an ear infection feels. By the time I ran out of pain pills, the pain was gone! :)

The most disconcerting side effect I experienced was one night when there was a "heartbeat" really loud in my ear - but it was more like sawing than a thump-thump. It was gone the next AM and never came back, and the dr. said it's not unusual.

I'm very excited to see how well I hear by the time the packing is all gone - I am already hearing so well that some situations are painful. I am taking small steps to help my brain process the sounds more normally. Driving in the car the first time was awful with road noise (and my car is very quiet), and motorcycles passing by are the worst. I have attended teacher workshops the last 3 days, and each day has gotten easier to block out loud background noise. Since I have worn hearing aids for 4 years, I keep automatically reaching up to "turn it down" and there's nothing there!

I can't wait for my visit next week to see what the dr says! I don't know if I can wait until next summer to do the right ear. We'll see how the next month or so goes to see if I could do the recovery during the school year!

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