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[QUOTE=TXMommy27;3654759]Waterone - take it easy! I felt great the next day too, but the NEXT day was the pits! Don't overdo it. Rest as much as you can now. It's like having a baby in so many ways!

I had a piece of gauze in my ear, and it was a bit bloody when I removed it, so I replaced with clean gauze. I couldn't see anything in my ear, so I have kept cotton or gauze in the outer ear, just for protection. It also muffles the loud clanking, slamming, banging that causes pain in my ear! It's a delight to hear those sounds, but they are still a bit painful. Getting better though. I am at day 4.

My doc said to NOT throw up and gave me valium to prevent dizziness, something else for nausea. I'm supposed to take it 3x a day -it's a low dose - but it does seem to reduce any dizziness, and I have only had one bout of serious vertigo. 2nd night after surgery, I woke up around 2am feeling like I was on the titanic. Had to wake hubby to fetch the valium for me. Since then, I am taking it like a good girl and doing fine. I have eased off on the vicodin. Hubby took that after colon surgery 2 yrs ago and started feeling like he was getting addicted, so I didn't want to go through that. I started taking 2 at a time, but now only 1 at a time, and only when I start to hurt. Just feels like an earache, which I am well used to. The vic will be gone tomorrow, so I guess I will ask the doc if I can just take advil after that.

Good luck - I will be checking to see how you are doing, since our surgeries were so close together![/QUOTE]

I wish they would have told me to take the antinausea pills at the hospital, since I did get sick while I was getting dressed to go home. I think next time (left ear) we will end up staying in a hotel the night after the surgery. On the way home i didn't even think to look for my meds (i had 6 prescriptions filled) until i was already getting sick again. The first day i actually did laundry and cleaned a little..i have a hard time resting.

Second day (Saturday) I paid for all of my activity. I think the antibiotics are making me sick to my stomach. I am taking 4 250mg tabs/day, does this seem like a lot? I am not getting much help w/the kids. My mother in law finally took the kids in the afternoon and i sleept all day. My hearing was very muffled today and just some mild pain (took tylenol). I also have a weird taste sensations and smells.

Third day, am. Sleept 12 hours last night. A little pain, hearing is not as muffled, but still not hearing those loud noises that everyone mentions.

Keep me posted on all of your improvements. Can't wait to hear some loud noises!

I guess i lucked out with no pain whatsoever, but I have always had the heartbeat noise in my head along with tinnitus for as long as i can remember. I always thought that those noises were "normal" and that everyone must hear those until i learned later in life that was a "condition". I have maybe barely noticed an improvement in tinnitus on the operated ear, but hard to tell at this point. I think i am going to wait for the 90 day post-op mark to base the majority of my improvements. Too many variables in the healing process to make a quick judgment.

I know what you mean about the loud noises! Even thought the Volume level has yet to increase to the same level as my un-op'd ear, certain "resonant" sounds send me to the moon. Midrange frequencies especially. They give me an instant "dizzy" feeling. A weird sensation. I know what you mean about the motorcycle passing, had a similar experience last nite with a passing Big Rig. I thought it was going to drive right inside my head! HA!

CAnt wait to hear how your Dr. visit goes. Just be prepared when he removes the packing, you will hear things at such a high volume levels in the operated ear that it seems like it is outperforming your good ear. Mine leveled out in 3 days more or less. It all sounded very hollow. The first stop i made after the Dr. visit was to McDonalds drive thru. The drive thru speaker about blew me across the parking lot it was so loud. It hurt but i just laughed and got kind of emotional- I was HEARING AGAIN !

keep us posted on how you are doing.


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