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Hope all is going well with you so far. I'm on week 3 - almost 3 - weeks since surgery. I'm not having anymore pain (knock on wood) but the pain has not been horrible anyway - more sore than achy if that makes sense. But regardless, no pain meds much since about the first 10 days. And really the only reason I took the Rx meds is that they worked a bit better than tylenol - really probably could have survived on OTC meds.

I got my packing out last Tuesday - quite an experience for sure. The packing stuck to my ear and pulled the scab off - but I haven't heard of anyone else's doing that. So I doubt you need to be concerned - but anyway just kind of freaked me out but didn't hurt all that much. My doctor said everyone is different - one of his patients was about normal the next day - others are like me and take 2-3 weeks (or somewhere in between) to get moving sort of normal again. So I will be anxious to know how your's went.

I still hear some crackling and "fluid" like sounds...and pressure but not pain. But as concerning as it is to me, the doctor said I'm healing fine. So I suppose I am. I think I will see very good results with this - everyone already says I have bionic hearing. But I will say when the packing came out - sounds literally frightened me. I haven't heard in my left ear in 30+ years. Things are/were extremely loud, harsh, and sort of metalic sounding with the added effect of echo - lower tones seem to be more offensive than high pitched - not sure why except that I could hear very high pitched sounds if they were amplified enough - so maybe those sounds are not so foreign to my left ear and lower tones??? Just grasping at straws here - no clue really. So I feel blessed that at least some if not all hearing will be restored, but I can't say I'd want to repeat the process again anytime soon - maybe never. Anyway, day by day, sounds seem less harsh - looking forward to the day that everything evens out.

Good luck and keep me posted on your progress. Take care!

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