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I'm wondering if anyone else has had no strange symptoms after a stapedectomy? I'm on day 5 after my left ear stapedectomy and so far I have been feeling great and have no strange sensations or sounds in my operated ear. I don't have the fullness or fluid sensation either. Frankly, as crazy as it sounds, it's worrying me! I had a stapedectomy on my right ear in January and posted on the stapedectomy report thread. I had just about all of the same healing symptoms as everyone else, so this is concerning. I don't have hearing in the operated ear, but I didn't expect to due to swelling/fluid. My first stapedectomy was a complete success and it's worrying me that this one is so very different. I'm afraid that something went wrong.

Anyone experience anything like this?

Thanks Bob. My surgery was last Thursday, so I guess I'm actually on day 8, not 9. I was counting surgery day as 1. It's good to know we're only one day apart. I've just come in from playing with my son and I'm happy to report that my ear is POUNDING! Yay! Crazy, I know, but I'm relieved for the moment!

day 8, not 9!

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