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I would call your doctor - but I'd also say count your blessings. My doctor said he's had patients that were like nothing happened the next day - others like me - that take 2-3 weeks or more to feel half way normal - so it's likely nothing to worry about. You may just be fortunate to be one of those that has few side effects of surgery - Good for you! But for peace of mind, call your doctor's office and make certain.
Blood, wow, that may work the same way as the vein. I think the scrapping of tissue inside the ear is probably just more trama to the ear, so they've figured out how to use these other methods.

gboyz - I have significant ringing in my ear also. I try not to get too excited about any of the noises I hear right now, as with the swelling and packings, I hear all kinds of things. Next week will be the real test, when the packing gets taken out. I can't wait.

My father had significant earing loss, as he wore hearing aids in both ears. I don't know if he had this condition. I'll make a guess and say that I would bet that we see more and more men getting this done in the future. Years ago, if you had hearing loss, you slapped an aid on your ear and lived with the side effects. Now that the surgery is so successful and less dibilitating, I think hearing aids will be a last resort. My Dr did four of these the day of my surgery.

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