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OK, I'm 15yo and I'm currently sitting my GCSEs. Since about 2 months ago I've been having problems with my ear. I've been getting tinnitus, muffled hearing and I can constantly hear my heartbeat. Its really frightening and annoying especially in an exam when all you can hear is this horrible hissing sound.

I do use cotton buds and I have contemplated that this could be the cause of compacted earwax BUT I have been using the earwax removal/softening medication and it still hasn't worked. At points I use a very small cotton bud to check my ear for wax but when I once hit the ear drum (after the problem started) it felt really painful.

This is really scaring me as I don't want to grow up through my teenage years with a hearing aid or one of those horns next to my head!

So what I'm really asking is, what do you think it is and what should I do, except for going to see the doctor cos I'm going to do that after the exams.

Please help, this is a SOS.

PS Its my left ear if that helps. And sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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