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DeeDee, Try this and see if it does anything. I have been doing it for several days and it seems to help. Of course, mine is due to TMJ and sinus issues, but give it a try. If you get some relief - great, if not it can't hurt.

Inhale in and tilt your head to the left - ear to shoulder.
Exhale and return to center. Repeat on the left side. Do this for about five or six repitions, holding for a few seconds each time.

Inhale and drop the head - chin to chest. Exhale and come back up. Inhale and drop the head slightly back. Exhale and bring it back. Repeat five or six times.

Inhale and look to the left - head straight. Exhale and back to center. Repeat to the right. Repeat both sides five or six times.

Inhale and reach both arms up to the ceiling. Exhale and roll gently down, letting arms hang in front of you and relaxing back, shoulders, neck. Let your eyes look at your knees. Inhale and gently roll back up.

All of these should be done gently, no forcing - go only as far as your body feels comfortable.

Not sure if it will help any, but worth a try. I am finding that it is helping me. When TMJ is involved the ear feels clogged or rings, or muscle spasms push against the tubes of the ears. These help to break things up and also relax all of those muscles. I have been doing them three or four times a day, especially morning and night, or at any time the ringing seems worse.

This may not be your problem and may not help, but hoping it gives you some relief. At this point I figure any thing that relieves even a little is a good thing!


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