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Thanks for your kind words and thank you fro taking the time to talk to your doctor for me. I only have hearing loss (bone and nerve) in my right ear. The tinnitus, since going completely deaf is not quite as bad, and there is less pain. When there is loud noises there's static.
The symptoms you described will go away shortly. Your hearing will get better and better over time. It took me about a month until it was to the level it was going to be at.
Good luck to your continued positve outcome.
Trecia, I have otoscleroisis but just recently had more hearing loss unrelated to that. It is sensory/nerve loss. They tried prednisone for 14 days with no results. They have no clue what has caused it. Do you have any other symptoms? ear sensitvity, tinnutus, ear fullness like your head is going to pop?
Reply to Sallyndh: I had all those symptoms and tried Prednisone for 10 days, all it did was drive me crazy with lack of sleep. As for the symtoms almost all of them have gone away. If there is a really loud noise it hurts my ear, and I still have static noises in ear when anything loud gets near it. I also have been diagnosed with sensory/nerve loss. My Dr. said maybe in the fture I will be a candidate for some kind of choclear implant, but for now I just have to accept I'm deaf in that ear. Good luck to you.

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