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Hi. I started having tinnitus about 6 weeks ago. I've had some ups and downs, but think I've done okay handling it. However, for the past 8 days the tinnitus has changed. It started as just a hissing/crackling in both ears - but now I have a high-pitched ringing in my right ear and it is growing louder and louder. I think I'm finally having a break down and I have no idea what to do about it.

I've already seen my GP and an ENT each twice about this and I have an appt w/ a neurologist in a couple weeks. But I'm honestly losing my mind now.

I'm too scared to read other people's posts because what I do not need right now is horror stories because I am scared to death. I want some home and some reason to keep fighting because I am afraid that this will keep getting worse and I will lose my enjoyment of life.

I am already much crankier and less social than I used to be - in just 6 weeks. I can't imagine a lifetime of this.

I am only 30 years old. The audiologist found no hearing loss. I am hypothyroid, but my thyroid is being treated. There doesn't seem to be any explanation for it, though my GP suspects it is related to my migraines, but I no longer believe in this hypothesis after the past 8 days of horror, but no migraine.

The only loud noise I can think of that may relate is that I went to an IMAX movie right before the onset and it was very loud. And, 2 days before this bad ringing started I went to a Broadway musical and I had to plug my ears several times because the speakers were so loud..... so, I'm not sure if this could have contributed to the problem, though, because my hearing is nearly pristine...

Please tell me some hopeful stories so I know there is a reason to try and fight.

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