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Dear friends,

I am 10 days post op today and it has been rough. I spent four days in the hospital for this out patient surgery with severe vertigo-both dizziness and throwing up. I am still dizzy. Here are my questions:

1. I was on prednisone to reduce swelling. I finished the prescription on Thursday and two days later am in worse shape then I was a week ago. By Friday mornign 24 hours after finishing the prescription, I took a major step backwards. At this point, I am as dizzy as I was the day they sent me home from the hospital-very! Has anyone had this reaction after finishing the steroids?

2. I am running a low fever 99.4. I usually run low to begin with so I am concerned I might have an infection. Waiting on call from doctor. Anyone?

3. I won't be dizzy forever, right? Has anyone had a really bad reaction and had full recovery eventually? My hearing has definitely improved, it is the walking into walls that I am worried about...
Hi smittiesgirl

So sorry to hear you are still suffering :( hang in there...
I had several bouts of vertigo in the first 2 weeks post op, I did read online that severe dizziness or vertigo may be a sign that there has been an incomplete seal between the fluids of the middle and inner ear. If this is the case, the patient needs immediate bed rest, an examination by the ear surgeon, and (rarely) an operation to reopen the eardrum to check the prosthesis.

But it maybe to do with swelling etc in the ear canal, I was teriffied at first and would have prefered the tinnitus and deafness back. I am not sure about fever. I think your dr will be able to help when you can see him.

I really dont think this will go on too long :) just one of those side effects they tend not to warn you my funky toungue.

I do understand a little of what you are experiencing so please know we are thinking of you :)

Keep us posted when you feel up to it
Best wishes

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