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OhMyEars and tigersaint,

I've had PET for 3+ months now, and I have been officially diagnosed. It used to be constant, autophony (voice, breathing) and popping upon swallowing, dizziness when standing or sitting up for too long, pressure in ears, and neck pain. The only thing that stopped it was laying down, or putting my head between my knees. However, over time the symptoms seemed to have lessened. Now I only get 2-3 instances of autophony a day lasting anywhere from minutes to hours at a time, but I've also acquired what I think is mild autophony in the other ear (It used to only be unilateral)...

PatulEND drops, Premarin and SKII didn't seem to do anything for me. In fact the PatulEND drops made it autophony come on, and last longer.

I have discontinued use of these products. I now only drink Jai Wei Gui Pi Tang tea, and take a variety of vitamins daily and I don't know if this has helped to lessen the frequency of my symptoms or's hard to tell...but Vitamins might be worth trying.

I have also stopped drinking caffeinated beverages. And stopped taking birth control pills which are said to be a potential cause of PET. I don't know if this has helped either.

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