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Hi newear1-
I was recently diagnosed with otosclerosis in my right ear and am considering surgery. I have been looking into which surgeons are experienced with stapedectomies, and have heard Dr.McKenna's name a few times. Since I live in western NY, I most likely would be paying out of pocket too since I don't think my insurance will cover out of area surgery. Can you please let me know how many visits you had to make total (preop, day of surgery, post-op, etc.) and how much you were billed total? How did your stapedectomy go? How long ago did you have the surgery and how is your hearing now? What was your hearing like before the surgery? Any regrets? Sorry so many questions, but I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible...thanks!

Hi Lana,
Just curious if you had a pre-op visit with Dr. McKenna first or if you sent your paperwork from your local ENT office and he reviewed it? How many post-op visits did you have with him? Another random you know if he advises patients to get a stapedectomy before they are done having kids? I'm 31 and our first child was born in November. My husband and I would like to try to have another child over the next year or two, but wasn't sure if you had heard his view on this?! What prescriptions did they give you? Do you have to have surgery on your other ear too or is your hearing ok in the unoperated ear? Sorry so many questions...Thanks again - you've been very helpful! :angel:


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