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My hearing loss started about 4 yrs ago or so. I thought it was from illnesses, and was never told it was osteoscorosis (sp?) and I lived in a big city at the time! I was told to wear hearing aides. So I opted to wear one in my right ear since at the time that was the worse. Last year I moved to a small town in MO, and I wanted to have my hearing tested again as it seemed like it was getting worse. The ENT I saw diagnosed me and told me there is surgery that will restore my hearing but he didn't do enough of them and recommended me to another doctor in a larger city an hour away. I went there and his diagnosis was the same, well the hosptial I was suppose to have the surgery at wasn't covered, so I had to cancel it and find a new doctor. The doctor that was going to do it recommended someone in a city 2 hours away and he too diagnosed the same thing. He said they do them alot and I liked him and felt confident with him and his staff. I just had it done last week, a week ago today. I was awake for most of it. He said there was alot of disease on the bone so that took awhile to get rid of. I didn't feel a thing thru the surgery. On the ride home the pain started, but once I got home I took pain medication. I was in bed for 5 days, the first 3 days being the roughest. Now I am fine with very little dizziness. I have the packing in my ear so I can't hear yet, but I did hear right after my surgery before they put the packing in, and that was pretty cool. My only concern is that when I yawn, which of course you can't help sometimes, my ears make some popping sounds, but the nurse said that is fine, just not to try and pop the ears myself by holding my nose. So I worry about the yawning and what that might do. Anyone else experience that and had problems? I will keep you all updated on how I do.

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