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I had a stapedectomy 10 days ago. I have known I had otosclerosis for about 10 years. I have procrastinated all this time and now that I have had one ear done I CANNOT wait to get the other one done. It went way better than I expected. Thankfully I suffered NO dizziness or nausea and no real pain to speak of. Only took a couple of the prescribed pain meds and then only Tylenol once in awhile. The first night after the surgery I had a hard time sleeping because I could hear my family breathing and stirring around the house (a first!!) The next few days my ear was very plugged up feeling - I felt like I was under water. Now I can certainly hear better but sometimes it is distorted. I have had a lot of ringing and roaring which is pretty annoying!! BUT the best thing ever is that instead of saying "what" all the time I am now telling everyone that they are talking to loud. The first time I went grocery shopping I about died - stores are really noisy places!! I have my post-op visit in 3 days - I am very excited to have the packing removed and to schedule a stapedectomy on my other ear!! :D

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