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Please someone help me! My left ear will go completly deaf at times not for long if I blink my eyes and push pressure through my ears it will make a loud CLICK noise that can be heard by others then sometimes hearing will return. It feels full or moist of the time like there is some liquid deep inside. The inside of my ear itches and if I smell my finger after touching it, it has a weird icky odor. I do not have health insurance and I can not afford a doctor. I have shooting pains that come and go and a discharge that is dark yellow-green. Please someone is this serious?! Is there any over the counter medication I can take to fix this?!?!
I am not a dr but the discharge sounds like you may have an ear infection? i would recomend a dr visit because left untreated can cause deafness :(
I live in canada so out heathcare system is different but there must be somewhere you can go for this kind of issue?
We can buy antibiotic ear drops at the pharmacy here but not sure about teh US.

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