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Hi this is very interesting as I am 25 years old now and have gone through EXACTLY the same things as your daughter. I had tubes put in my ears three times in each ear and although my right ear has fixed itself my left ear still has a collapsed eardrum and I still have fluid in that ear EVERY SINGLE DAY. Unfortunetly for me the surgeries did NOT work. I know the after math (few days after surgery) she is in pain but I would give it a go once more before throwing inthe towel...

Unfortunetly for me I have alot of scaring inside my ear therefore have suffered alot of hearing loss. But stay positive. For me I wish I would have had at least one more procedure done before my parents gave up .... maybe that would have saved me from what I consider to be a handicap in my life. Waking up everyday with fluid in the ear canal is NOT FUN! So like I said from "the kid" who had it done and went through it just perceiver with it at least once more.

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