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I read some of your posts and wondered if you would be able to answer some questions regarding follow up from your catheter procedure done by Dr. Poe.

Semi-quick background:
I saw an ENT who thinks I may have PET based on my symptoms. No real testing of any kind has confirmed dx.
Sx: sensation of voice resonating in my head, ear sensitivity esp my right ear (hyperacusis).
The echoeing started in June following several months of stress, dehydration and rapid wt loss of 10#. Also, while on a plane ride end of April, I developed a head cold. The hyperacusis was prevelant after the plane ride but the PET didn't manifest until 2 mos. later. During those mos I was still recovering from all the stress during the prior month. Just to add to that, I was involved in a car accident and developed TMJ or actually TMD (effects muscles in face)

I am trying to decide what next steps to take. I couldnt schedule a consult to do testing with Dr. Poe as he is not seeing patients for awhile...sebatical as you say. There's another Dr. Michaelides, in Boston, who trained under Poe. He would be willing to see me after I send him a CT of my e-tubes. As I live on West Coast it is not as easy.

1-Do you know if there are other docs that perform the catheter surgery that you had? Maybe in Calif (closer to me). I am not certain Dr. Michaelides does the catheter one as he mentioned the ear graft to me when I called his office.
2-After your procedure did your ears keep filling with fluid?
3-Did you have to have the permaneant catheters for e-tubes placed?
4-How are you doing? Are you mostly echoe free?

Any help would be so appreciated. Hope you are doing well. Hope to hear from you. Thank you!!!

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